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How can I get data from my dead Galaxy Player 3.6? Answered

My Galaxy Player 3.6 died on me recently and I have some pictures and a little bit of other data I would like to extract from it. I believe the death had something to do with the power as it wasn't charging correctly before it died. I'm ok with taking it apart as I am getting a new tablet to replace it.
Also, can I do anything with parts salvaged from it?



Best Answer 4 years ago

A quick google reveals that it has 8Gig flash mem, so its not something that you can just unplug and transfer to another device, you will need to resuscitate it.

1 Open up and see if anythings burnt or repairable.

2 Dismantle as an educational experience and keep what looks interesting, the vibrate motors are similar to the tail motor of those micro IR helicopters, there will be a tiny speaker and a small condenser mic, perhaps the wifi unit is also harvestable, its only once you pull it apart that it will become apparent.

If your handy with a soldering iron and tools, you could pull it apart, and power it up by soldering a 4xAA battery holder to the to the internal battery. I recently powered up an Ereader like this, and it worked, and from there I could diagnose that the battery had gone flat due to damage on the USB plug. A bit of solder on the plug and I removed the battery holder and it was all fixed.

I would see if it runs off my computer USB first, if it does down load what you want.

If it does run off your USB it may just need a new battery or your charger is bad.

As for striping it for parts you can take the gold and other recyclable metals as well as electronic components.

There is good money in spent electronics people buy them on line.

Doesn't run off of USB unless turned on, and I know it isn't any cable cause I've tried dozens of cables.

Ok then you have a nice piece of scrap.

Did you wait a few minutes after connecting to the USB before trying to turn it on?

It can take a little time to get it to warm up.

I would really like to get the information from it someway