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How can I get from HDTV optical digital to analog volume controlled earphones?? Answered

My Toshiba HDTV has only one audio output, Digital Optical. I am hard of hearing and need to use earphones with volume control to listen while others are in the room. I believe a small, single purpose audio amp with digital, optical input and maximum volume analog output would do the job. No one builds such a device. The ones available have multiple options and resulting high price. I know how to read, BUT NOT DESIGN, circuits. I would prefer a design that would work off of a standard available "wall wart"/ Can anyone provide such schematic?


use a wire splitter to hook up the headphones and your amp/surrond sound in the other

I've longed for such a device. Problem is that theres such a range of audio streams that come over digital optical (2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, DD, DTS, etc). I currently use a cheap home theatre amplifier, not portable at all, but it has 1 optical in, and option of speakers out OR headphones on front. Ultimate goal would be surround headphones from optical signal, so I can game while others are sleeping. I saw on hackaday someone built this exact device, but they had dolby decoder boards direct from Dolby (designer was for personal use and worked for Dolby). The dev kit costs hundreds of dollars.