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How can I get my Sony PlayStation2 Game Saves Transfered to my Laptop? Answered

NO I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A FLASH DRIVE OUT OF MY PS2 MEMORY CARD!!  What i want to do is maybe create an adapter that will plug my ps2 memory card directly to my laptop by USB?? like if possible a total plug & play type hack...  Be able to transfer my game saves to my laptop and also transfer other saves from my laptop back to the ps2 memory card so that it will still work and play when i go back to playing a game on the Sony PlayStation2.  Kinda like how i can plug my Verizon LG cellular phone from its charging port with the USB wall wart adapter to my laptop port and i can straight up just move/copy/transfer files around instantly and it still functions.

**I've bought a PS2/PS3 memory card adapter unit from store and it did nothing, I tried on my friends PS3 to see if anything can be done there. thought for what I want/NEED it to do it WON'T so thats just a waste.  I've also seen somewhere someone posted a simple hack of a PS2 controller pinout to some other PC Port dunno if maybe can do similar for my purpose... pic included..


Here's a forum thread that explains how to transfer game saves back and forth between your PS2 and your PC.

I'm not sure if it's what your looking for (based on what you said). 

Well this atleast shows me some software and good info I may need to accomplish it... Thanx! But still what or how do I actually plug my memory card to actually transfer saves onto/from??

I have the old bigger model PS2 SCPH-30001 NTSC that has two(2) USB & one(1) iLink ports under the controller and memorycard ports on the front and I do have the Online ethernet HDD network adapter on back... I've tried putting saves in the format onto a flashdrive stick into the front USB port but it doesn't even come up at all and I get a gameshark disc that spose to help with such but now this disc and only this disc FUX with my console so I don't use it No more. But I still play my Gran Turismo 3 & 4, Tokyo Xtreme Racer(s), Auto Modellista, etc.