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How can I get my rat trap car to go faster? Answered


or tie it to a motorcycle and drive the motorcycle 7000 mph

put in a motor duh
orrrr attach a pulley and catch a rat

if you are going for shorter distance increase the size of your axle and a shorter arm if you want distance make the axle smaller and arm longer

here try this, put some weight in the back, use free spinning wheels on an axle, and the one word that makes everythin move better................LUBE...

If you are already using cd's for the wheels, Maybe find a large o-ring that can go on the outside of the cd. That will still keep the traction, but reduce the area that touches the ground

Lube all moving parts, better traction on the wheel/ground contact. (given that you've reached the point where you need more friction)

Lighter weight.
Stronger rat trap.
Fine tune the gearing.
Better axle/wheel bearings.