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How can I get over my fear of heights? Answered

I need to climb my wind gen tower a couple times a year,(about 55 feet) my knees get wobbly after 25-30 feet. Then I cant let go to do any work.



Get Hypnotized; though I like to do things myself, a little mind control can help if you really need it. Hypnotizing is fairly successful when it comes to overcoming fears.

All good answers, Thanks... I'm working on the little at a time approach, about 1/2 way so far.

You never will HOWEVER you can learn to control it. Even famous mountain climbers can be afraid of heights. IF you fear gives you vertigo - Find another hobby at lower level because you are not likely to overcome it.

Don't look down. I know exactly how you feel about heights. just look up and try not to think about it. Alternatively, get a smaller tower.

There are a few adages that might help: Falling from 30 feet is pretty much as bad as falling from 55 feet. (for example, in my line of work (911 operator), a 'serious fall' is anything over 6 feet)... As others mention, try climbing as far as you're comfortable, and just relax for a while, get used to it. Build your confidence slowly. Use safety equipment. Use 2 sets of safety equipment. A longline to the top on a grigri belaying hook, and a short shock line that you hook and unhook on each few rungs as you go up. Latch yourself on to the safety rope, climb about 3 feet, and 'fall' on purpose. Feel what its like so you know if you lose your footing 1 or 50 feet off the ground, you'll be safe - and this should reassure you. When you take the element of danger out - logically and perceived then the fear will become irrational, and you can overcome it.


9 years ago

Just say it's fun and get it over with. Look down and enjoy the veiw.

Take it step by step. If you climb up about half way or some more often and slowly work your way to the top it will be a walk in the park instead of that dreaded time of year. If you do it more often , you will start to feel comfortable with being at the top and then you can actually get some work done.


9 years ago

Try climbing up there every day to were you can't climb any more and just hang out up there try reading a book or doing something else, after a couple of days you'll get used to that height and you can climb higher climb higher