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How can I get powdered elements. Answered

How can I get powdered elements. using only equipment found at home/not hard to get/not from e-bay, ones I'm interested in are alluminum and iron oxide (rust), any others which are useful in fun projects would be appreciated?


What do you want to do a Thermite reaction for ? Steve

finally made an account, and mostly to see how powerful it is first hand sort of like, why do people climb mountains

You can prossibly buy powdered iron oxide on Ebay. You definately CAN buy powered aluminium on Ebay (I've done it)

(Rust isn't an element.) Most pure elements are just not worth the effort of producing on a home-scale unless you are producing them to own them. To use as raw materials, purchase is your best bet.

The effort it takes to do so isn't worth it when you consider the prices involved, I saw atomised casting aluminium in a hobby shop for very little, rust is easy to make, search 'ibles and you'll find out...