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How can I get rid of an owl in my yard? Answered

See I have chickens and the past couple of weeks a Great Horned Owl swoops down and picks up one them, kills it, then it leaves for a week and come back to do it again. So if there is anyone that can give me any advice as to how i can get rid of it I would really appreciate it.


you can put a fake owl up on a pole about ten to twelve feet in the air and other owls will stay clear. has worked for me

I am having the same problem only its every night this owl comes and rips through my netting rips a chicken apart and leaves. it doesn't eat them just brutalizes them

Get rid of your chickens.

No I want to keep my chickens and still have them alive. But thanks anyway.

Sorry...I forgot the smileyface...

I really don't know how you'd get rid of it without doing something that I personally would not think either moral or possibly legal.

Is there any way you can use agricultural screen (like the stuff that people drape over fruit trees) to protect an area where the chickens roam?