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How can I get started with DIY projects? Answered

I am really bad at DIY projects and was wondering if there were any sort of extremely simple projects mainly involving electricity and I was also looking for some tips on DIY projects.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Practice makes better. Pick one which has good instructions, where you already know how to do all (or almost all) of the individual steps, and where a failure isn't a disaster, and try it. You'll make mistakes. You'll learn to recover from mistakes. And you'll be more skilled for when you try this project again or move on to another one.

Lather, rinse, repeat as desired.

It helps if you have a more skilled friend who can help you past any points you get stuck on. Libraries are wonderful things. There may be local clubs or "maker spaces" where you can ask for hands-on guidance.

Local schools (community colleges and trade schools, maybe even the high school) may offer after-hours or summer classes in some of the skills. Those will probably cost some money, but are usually pretty affordable.

And if all else fails, don't be afraid to call in a pro and say "here's what I did; what did I do wrong". Talk to others in the neighborhood; some pros are more comfortable explaining what they do than others.

What kind of electricity do you want to learn about -- analog electronics, digital electronics, house wiring, something else? Generally the low-voltage stuff is less likely to get you in major trouble...


Answer 8 years ago

Absolutely. Most of us start out pulling (breaking) stuff apart as kids. You make mistakes, you learn, you do better next time. It's all part of the fun, and why we do it. Some of us get better than others, but we soldier on regardless.

Just go for it.......and +1 on experimenting with mains voltage. Stick to battery power if your not sure.


8 years ago

You look about your home and find something that needs fixing.
(then you ask)
Don't ask for things, to do, find them.



8 years ago

Extremely simple...

How about some LED Throwies?
Or a bit more advanced, The MintyBoost.

Both projects can be found on this site.