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How can I get the MilliAmps lower on a adjustable power adapter? Answered

Im looking to power a 12V 200mm Fan with a adjustable power adapter which is set to 12V DC.
The thing is the fan only needs 0.16mA "Milli Amps" while the adapter gives 0.5
How can I lower this physically?Maybe open the adapter and break some things replace then etc etc.




You don't need to do anything more than just connect the fan to the supply, as J explains.


0.5mA is the maximum current the adapter can supply. If you hook something up to it that requires less current, it will only draw what it needs. Your power supply is 12VDC, with a maximum current of 0.5mA, which is suitable for use with a 12VDC fan which draws less than the max current the psu can supply.