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How can I get the best connection than others when we use the wifi network? Answered

Now we use the ADS L internet sharing with 4 computers by wifi router. I wanna know how to do for my PC if I want more connection speed than others.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If it's your internet connection that you're sharing with others then you could buy a router like the Airport Extreme or another router that lets you set up more than one network. Sign yourself into the primary network and make everyone else use the "guest" network.

Or if you already have a router you might be able to install Tomato or DD-WRT on it and then shape the traffic to give your computer/applications higher priority.

Is it left on all the time? Would your pc/laptop be safe if you left it there overnight, downloading your stuff overnight when all have gone home? Check you won't get caught out though as the sys admin prob will see lots of traffic when there's nobody there, so if you ask permission for reasonable use overnight...just a thought.

Make sure that you're the closest computer. At least that way your signal will be as strong or stronger that everyone else. Try to be the first one on. Won't make any difference on some systems but on some it will. If you can plug into the router do so. It's not hard. I just tried it on my AT&T; router and plug in was all I had to do. If it doesn't work then there is a setup that you have to go thru.

I have ADSL as well and you cannot do this. The Wireless Network just sends and retrieves information to your computer and gives you internet, but unless you have a LAN cable and your router has Local Area Network the speed should be the same (depending upon distance, of course). The best option I can give is see if your router has ethernet (not recommended, tricky) or LAN compatibility and hook it up to your computer. This way it's wired, instead of wireless and should give you a bit more speed.