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How can I get/make this costume? Answered

I saw Cirque Du Soleil Kooza and I wanted to be the skeleton master for halloween. Can anyone help me with where i can get stuff and ho to make some stuff?


Look at the picture, find or make similar pieces. Looks like it's basically a purple frock coat with ruffled sleeves, pinstripe pants, cummerbund , purple shirt, gloves, black shoes, and a pretty simple (though ornately painted) mask. The hard part is going to be finding those pieces in the right fabrics; you may have to purchase patterns and fabric and sew them yourself, or adapt some existing garment(s). You'll definitely have to build the mask yourself.

Check you local thrift stores for a similar style pants, gloves, and a shirt. One way to do the jacket since this design is so intricate may be to find a regular black jacket  and attach tails to it. Try using a clorox gel pen with the point on one end to bleach on a crap peice of fabric to get the hang of it and then make the design desired or even use the puff paint you can get from the craft store. Be careful to not use very much bleach on the jacket so as not to ruin the fabric. You can glue/sew on sequince were desired to give it that shine. Granted this may take some artistic ability, and not to mention time.

You might be able to check at a tux rental shop for old or damaged pieces that they are rotating out of the rental pool, and would be willing to sell at a deep discount. I got a full tux including a tailcoat and a vest for a Rocky Horror costume that way. The pants look to be a wide-striped "morning dress" trouser, so use that term when you're looking. You might be able to score a flashy brocade vest that would require little additional bling, but be prepared to break out the Bedazzler for the coat. Otherwise, you'll need to make your own, as ork' says. Check # 1301M on this page for a pattern.

The mask is comparatively easy. Just get one of those blank "generic" plastic masks, make an extension for the top & back of your head out of heavy-duty aluminum foil, cover the whole thing with a few layers of plaster bandage for stiffness, then add details with paper mache, sand & paint.

Good luck, and be sure to make an Instructable about the costume. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see it.


8 years ago

Whatever it is, there appears to be a ton of sequins and sparkly stuff on it.  It reminds me of a Mardi Gras costume, or perhaps a Dia de los Muertos costume. Google those and see if there is something in those designs that are similar that  you can buy or copy.

Sorry, but i couldn't find alot of stuff on the Mardi Gras idea.