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How can I glue these two things together? Answered

I have a piece of hardboard and some woven speaker cloth.
What's the best way to adhere these together?

I'll be attaching the cloth to the rough side of the hardboard.

I have tried SprayMount to no avail.

Thanks everyone



8 years ago

What's the composition of the grill cloth? Natural fiber or synthetic?

Synthetic cloth will always be harder to glue...

But there are a lot of options...

But first, most grills use a combination of glue and staples (I.E., staple gun). Either wrap the cloth around the back and staple there, or staple on the front where the baffle board is hidden by the edge of the cabinet.

Natural fiber grill cloths can then be shrunk by spraying with water, and drying.

As far as glues:

Spray mount should work fine, if you:
---- clean old adhesive off both surfaces
---- spray both the board and the grill cloth
---- WAIT for the glue to setup before placing the sides in contact (the can will tell you the wait time.)
---- staple, if you can

Wood glue or PVA spread on both surfaces will work, particularly if it's natural fiber.

Contact cement is better for synthetics. Use it just like the spray mount (it's not that different.)

I'd roughen the back of synthetic cloth first with a little sandpaper...


8 years ago

Use contact cement. I prefer latex contact cement because of its low odor, but the regular kind works just as well. 
Brush the cement onto the pieces to be joined, being careful to get the glue only onto the areas to be glued.  Also, on the speaker cloth don't use so much cement that it may fill the open weave.
Let the glue dry for a few minutes and then carefully join the pieces together. Get the positioning correct, you don't get a second chance. As the name implies, it glues upon contact.
After it is in place, roll the cloth with a J-roller or rolling pin to insure complete contact.

I say 2-part epoxy (all other answers being equally valid)


Use a proper glue, like a rubber impact cement. Be careful. You only get one chance with the joint !