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How can I hang a bottle and have a lamp cord going into it at the same time... Answered


I've been inspired by this type of craft: http://observationdeck.io9.com/repurpose-your-empty-crystal-head-vodka-skull-bottle-1642204227/+charliejane

I know there are many who sell completed type setups, but as I'm trying to save the money and would like to hang my personally emptied bottles I've done a lot of internet searching for over a week or so,without luck. I'd like to hang a bottle with a lamp in it, but the bottle has no threading to insert pipe fittings or whatnot, and I can't tell how the bottle was hung.

Any ideas are appreciated, I'm going to continue to look.



Personally I would use an LED bulb because heat will be an issue in an enclosed space like a bottle.

Ok if you look at the link carefully you will see that the holder for the bulb and the bulb are smaller in diameter than the neck of the bottle which is how they have gotten them inside. The bulb holder is attached to the old bottle cap and then attached to the bracket for hanging.

Someone on instructables had stuffed xmas lights into a bottle. Easier to get thru th neck of a bottle than the avg bulb. You might consider bringing the bottle with you to the hardware store. They might have suggestions.

Caution is advisable depending on watts. Most fixtures list a max wattage depending on how well vented the fixture is. This one will be basically no ventilation.

Which way up do you want the bottle to hang?

Most likely you would have to cut off the bottom of the bottle to access the insides and figure out a way to put that back on with glue/fuse glass or cover the seam somehow if you don't want an open lampshade. You can't get rigid lamp parts to go inside a bottle like the ship-in-a-bottle trick. Standard lamp bulb sockets have a threaded hole in the base of the socket. It takes standard pieces of threaded pipe or tubing so you can build up your lamp. You can also thread on nuts and washers so the lamp socket can be placed inside with a washer spacer to act as the stop from pulling out of the bottle neck.The threaded pipe is hollow so the wires are snaked inside of it and it acts as the wire conduit to hide the wires to the light. Look up any lamp making project for tips. Good luck.

Simply use a plate with a suitable thread for your lamp and some 2K glue to fix the plate on the glass.
If the glass is not too heave you can also use spring wire to hold the lamp, make a loop or two and let the ends spread out into the glass, you will see the wires though.