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How can I hang a pot holder with metal ceiling joists? Answered

I moved into an apartment complex where the ceiling joists are made of metal. I have a pot rack that I need to hang, and hanging from just anchors isn't an option as it has to support almost 100 pounds. I feel like the best thing I could do would be to find some way to have a support sit on TOP of two paralell joists, but I don't know how to install something like that without ripping the ceiling apart to get to it? Anyone have any ideas/ know of any kind of anchors that I could install without a big fuss? Thanks a lot!


Post a picture of the ceiling joists if you could, it would be immensely helpful.

Thanks a lot for your comments guys, I am going to try to get the apartment maintenance guys to allow me to go into the rafters so that I can get a look at the joists themselves. Otherwise, I can't really get a look at them. My experience with them so far has just been using a stud finder and drilling into the ceiling exploratively :)

No problem! You'll probably have to drill a couple holes in the joists and bolt the hanger to to the joist.

Drill and tap the metal and use some eyebolts. M6 (1/4") thread should do the trick. Use a metal detector tool to find where to drill and simply drill through the ceiling and joist using a HSS bit using a fairly low speed. Try to stop the drill from wobbling as you drill. This will give a small hole but very strong mount especially if the metal is 9mm or thicker. Once the hole is drilled put the tap into the tap-holder, insert into the hold and twist into the metal. For every full turn clockwise, turn back half a turn. The taps are brittle so dont force anything. You should be able to find everything you need at a general hardware store. You will need: - Metal detector tool - normally on "stud locators" - M6 or 1/4" eyebolts - M6 or 1/4" tap and tap handle (T-type is best) - M5 or 1/5" HSS drill bit. If you use a larger thread, use a few drills in order of size, smallest first to do a better job.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to drill the into the joists, when I was initially trying to drill when I thought they were just wooden studs, my drill barely put a nick in the steel. The drill I'm using is a 14V cordless, do you think I need something with some more torque?

What do the metal joists look like? Could you slip something like a C-Clamp over the joints and then hang the pot holder from the C-clamps? The C-clamps would be a temporary non-marring fix - I think.

Actually, if those joists are thick steel, hanging from just anchors might not be a bad idea. Using strong magnets would be minimally invasive.

Four of these or a couple of these should be plenty strong enough to hold the rack plus any accidental tugging. (Four of the 90 lb ones plus shipping is under $34 for me.)

If you would like something a little more permanent, cyanoacrylate adhesive might be the way to go. One square inch of good, solid bonding could hold several thousand pounds of downward force. It is pretty cheap, too.