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How can I hang / organize / display a LOT of ballcaps on a flat space of wall? Answered

I need a way to hang 40 -50ish ball caps on a flat space of wall. Three people access these hats daily. I don't want to use pushpins because they can pull out when a hat is removed. I was using an old accordion coffee mug holder, which is nice because it only requires a few holes in the wall, but we've way outgrown that and it's not great looking either.


Ikea sells a wire and hook system called Dignitet.  It is for hanging curtains, but the clips make it excellent for hanging hats or anything else you can think of.  I put them up in my son's room for his huge hat collections.

How about a whole load of these.

Or fix strips of steel to the wall, and use strong magnets, like sticking Junior's painting to the fridge.