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How can I heat gasoline, with out it igniting? Answered

I want to dissolve plastic into the gas, so i need to heat it. How could i do this without buying anything???


I f you want to boil gasoline without it combusting you have to have heat it under 495 degrees and over 220 degrees and not allow it to touch the physical flame. I suggest outside for this kind of activity because if the gasoline gas touches the open flame it will violently explode. (:

As killerjackalope said, use a double boiler. But why?

I think the OP wants to dissolve the plastic quickly, to get the job done quickly. What is wrong with doing it slowly and safely? lol

Why heat it? The plastic should dissolve anyway - isn't it preferable to simply wait a few minutes extra than to risk turning it into a pan full of napalm?

Um, that may be the fool's author's goal.

Do not heat it on a electric stove, doing this directly can well cause an ignition anyway, use a double boiler, this has a stove on the bottom with a pot full of water and a pot heated by the water. That's the safest way you can do it really... Remember making cakes or something, the way you heat up a big bowl of water and melt your chocolate in a smaller bow inside the water... Works the same as that but I would try and avoid licking the bowl now...

we leave the left-over chocolate in the bowl freeze it, and it makes a cool lookin mold


8 years ago

As others have pointed out, alot of plastics don't need heat to dissolve in Gasoline, but it largely depends on what you're trying to do with it. If you're trying to saturate the gasoline, heats actually going to have diminished returns for ya.

If memory serves, Gasoline is comprised of mainly of hexane and heptane. Now, the math for figuring out exact boiling points depends on exact concentrations and boiling points of constituents of different chemical mixtures, making it difficult to state definitively what the bp of the particular gasoline a person actually is, but it's somewhat safe to assume that it's going to be close to 69 degrees celsius, which is the bp of hexane, the main constiuent of gasoline. 

This actually is bad. It's hard to supersaturate a solution. Having the solvent evaporating as you're trying to do it makes it nigh impossible.

You don't need to heat it. Use the right plastic. E.g. expanded polystyrene foam.


he could very well be trying to make napalm- all u need is to dissolve styro foam in it. by the way, gasoline burns at 716 fahrenheit. if it doesnt reach that point it shouldnt ignite- correct me if im wrong

Electric hot plate. But you need to do this outside. So use a good extension cord.