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How can I improve the quality of my instructable? Answered

Since I've joined instructables, I have made two instructables so far. My first one was featured on the homepage (which I was ecstatic about) but my second one wasn't. It did have more views but I would still like to improve how I write instructables. Does anyone have any critiques?

Here's the link for the screen protector one (not-featured)- https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Your-Own-Screen-Protector-for-less-th/

And the link for the phyllo dough squared (featured)- https://www.instructables.com/id/Delicious-Phyllo-Dough-Squares/


Among a few other criteria, to be featured to the home page, not only does your title and first photo have to be killer but there has to be a story that runs through the 'ible. For instance, but not a very good for instance, is if you showed photos (anywhere) of a broken, cracked iphone thing and how sad that was, and how you went to the store and saw the prices of protection, etc. That is the back story that may have run through it, but even so, a hack as simple as yours was was just too simple.

I have one I am going to post on pencil protection, it's never going to make front page feature. In fact even though I know it will lower my percentage rate I am still going to post it - why? I don't know, I don't know why I spend days on writing up an 'ible and sharing it with the world and not being able or even care to, make a dime off it, I caught the sharing bug I guess - but you did too!

Maybe, make your goal to win a contest one day, or write 1000 positive comments, or write 25 'ibles, or get 50 subscribers... there are other things to do here besides getting featured, I know it may seem that way though at first. The first time I was passed by - and the 'ible has over 1,000 views, I was bummed, so I can relate.

But I thought enough of the snappy stuff you said about yourself to subscribe to you - and you should subscribe to any person who's work you like - that way you will be the first to see it. You are just the kind of person we want here - you are generous, you want to improve, you ask questions. Please keep it up!

You can jazz up the screen protector post all you want with eye-catching photos, a sizzling title, etc. but the "instructable" has two major points against it:

1) it lies as it will cost a buck-fifty not five cents
2) it can be summed up as: buy some mack-tack and apply it to the phone face

The 1st causes people to feel tricked by a bait-and-switch swindle and the 2nd causes people to think "yeah right, any idiot could come up with that".

Usually the selling point for the expensive protectors (at least the good ones) is that they are made from the easily removable films. The mack-tack version is much more difficult to remove---not that anyone would as your average iPhone fanboy upgrades his handset as often as Apple thinks they can suck the public dry.

Lots of times instructables get featured because they are unique, special in some way or catch the attention of one of the staff. Just having an inst. that is well done and gets lots of views is not the only requirement to get featured. Your inst. looks pretty good to me.

In fact, since most Featuring happens when an Instructable is brand new, the views count is generally very low, and goes up as a consequence.

I'd agree with jack and re-design; the cover image on the screen protector doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME!" -- the philo on the other hand has lots of colour, contrast, and is enticing.

The front image of the phyllo dough is more eye catching and the subject's more interesting, the screen protector one is well written and the photos aren't bad but it doesn't quite tick the boxes for those of the feature team that saw it. I didn't see it myself but I dropped my phone in less than a week from new and cracked it, so maybe it's subconscious...