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How can I improve the reception of my fm clock radio. Answered

How can I improve the reception of my fm clock radio? I can't turn it around or I can't see the clock. My bed only fits one way, so let's say it's stuck where it is. It was fine in my old apartment, in the new one I only get static. Short of buying one of those round antennas, what could I DIY?



Best Answer 3 years ago

My radio didn't have an external antenna or a place to attach one. I read that many of these things use the power cord as an antenna, so I wrapped an insulated audio cable (like a 3.5mm aux cable) around the power cord (the outside of it of course! No electrical connection necessary) and then made sure the cords were elevated off the ground with something insulating, a piece of wood in my case. Works great! Got the station I wasn't getting before.

Thanks for the reply! I'm just wondering, why is it important to elevate the cable off the floor? Interference from wires/pipes?

A long length of thin, insulated wire makes an excellent antenna; commercial clock radios often have them.

My radio doesn't have one unfortunately. Where is the best place to attach the wire on/in the radio?

.  I've never tried it, but I've heard that wrapping the antenna wire around the radio case 6-12 times will work. Try it and see.

The radio's antenna terminals. You'd have to open it up to find them. If you can't find them/don't want to open it up, you can try just putting the aforementioned wire, or even just a big coil of wire next to the radio, or locating it next to a large metal object (door frame, etc), as they can act as antennas.

If it doesn't have an external aerial, the best bet is to reposition it. My last radio had to be placed on end and turned almost 180 degrees (so I could see the bottom of the radio from my bed) in order to pick up my favorite station.