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How can I improve the volume/sound quality from my Asus EEE PC netbook? Answered

The sound on my netbook is pitiful, even with decent earbuds.  How do I make it better?


Thanks all.  A call to Asus tech support garnered this answer:  They had me disconnect both the battery and the power plug, then hold the reset button down for 10 secs.  On power up, my volume level was noticably louder.   Techs felt it was a power problem?  I'm too illiterate to fully understand it, but it worked.

If the sound _quality_ is still dreadful, consider an outboard USB-attached sound device. I'm using an M-Audio Transit, specifically because it's also a better audio _capture_ device than the sound card which came with my system... but if all you need is output, there are cheaper versions of the same idea.

You'll still need a real amplifier to drive the speakers.

External amped speakers.

Better sound drivers.