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How can I improve this? Answered

I'm new to this site but I liked this stuff so much I already created 4 hand crafts and I'm pleased with all of them except one.
I tried to make a personalized decoration with a denim theme, but it looks unfinished
What else can I add to it to make it stand out and to make it look complete
Here is what I have so far:


If you have some old jean material, cut a piece to match your cardboard (even wash and dry it to fray it a bit), take your items off, glue the denim to the cardboard and put your items back on top to get your theme across that will make it pop!

Yes, in agreement with Kiteman here. Maybe a brass or gold leaf coated border?

BACON!!! Bacon makes everyting better. 8>)

Personally, I think it needs a frame or border of some description.