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How can I increase my GHz from 1.5 to 1.7? Answered

I downloaded a game that requires my CPU to run at 1.7 GHz. My CPU is 1.5 GHz. Is there a way I can overclock it just a bit?



You probably should give up on trying to get Portal to run on that CPU. That CPU is not designed for gaming, even if you do overclock it ( which I don't think is possible with that processor) you'll still need a decent amount of RAM and graphics capabilities. I'm guessing this computer is a budget laptop, so it's pretty much relegated to surfing the Internet and listening to music.

I take that back. It's is possible to OC that CPU. Someone squeezed out a 197% OC from a Celeron M running at 1.5 Ghz up to almost 4 Ghz. Only thing is, he is a pro.

Lemonie - what I meant is that my computer's CPU can't run fast enough to detect me running through the portals-so it glitches.

Lemonie - the game in question is Portal, and I need it at 1.7 to get through the portals without glitching up. GuardianFox - I have an Intel Celron M. Other than that, I can't help you much.

Have you actually tried it (as previous comment)? I don't get "I need 1.7" without "I need (this) GPU or higher" and "I need (this much RAM)" and "I need (this much) disc space". L

The game may recommend that you have a 1.7GHz machine, but this is a general term meaning "don't bother with anything lower-spec' 'cos it'll be a poor gaming experience) Install it, run it, see how it goes. If it struggles turn down the graphics options in the game, then nudge them up one at a time until you get a compromise that works. Your GPU is going to have a big effect on how the rig works, the game guidance (1.7GHz) is just that. Nudging up the CPU a bit probably won't make that much difference, as the rest of your machine is involved too. L

That really depends on what hardware you actually have. If you have gear that is overclock-able at all, then yes... most likely you can give it a small nudge. That's generally what good overclocking is, a modest increase in speed without damaging the equipment. Tell us what processor and motherboard you have and we'll probably be able to point you to a guide to overclocking it. Keep in mind that the game may still not run, or it may run poorly with glitches and slowdowns. Sometimes it's not so much the speed of the processor but the actual capabilities of the processor that are important.