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How can I increase/amplify my rpm for a motor? Example: I rotate my wheel 5times it will rotate my motor 100+ times? Answered

Along a generator and trying to figure out what is it that people do that allows them to amplify there rpms so they can rotate there motors faster.

Saw some people put series of belts and gears or they use some device that they attach on to the motor "stub" is what I'll call it can't remember right now what it is called but the part that sticks out of the motor that you would put a belt on to spin it. Or hand crank it.

Any help guys? Thank you! Have a great day, hope to get a response soon.


:-) as Others have said if you increase the speed then you will increase the effort to turn it - Just like you do on a bike in the higher gears. - It's like walking uphill, you get higher but it is harder.

Much will depend on if you have the spare power to do this.

In general a large gear driving a smaller gear will result in more turns of the smaller gear for each turn of the larger. Gears and gear boxes are hard to come by and expensive.

Pulleys and drive belts are a lot cheaper but take up more space. Overall it doesn't sound like you going to be able to do this.

motor "stub" in an internal combustion engine is called the crankshaft. You're going to need a lot of horsepower to overcome the 20:1 gearing you're looking for.

Take a small angle grinder as an example, it takes a lot of effort to turn the output shaft (without any discs on) in order to rotate the armature, its gearing is only about 3:1, hopefully you can comprehend the effort needed for 20:1 gearing.

3:1 is close enough to the hardest gear to turn on your average street bicicle.

Really depends on the application. Basically you want a gearbox. It will attach to the Hub/Shaft of the motor. check this out It will get you started while everyone else throws their 2 cents in :P