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How can I install Ubuntu on a Windows laptop?A R31 ThinkPad,to be precise.? Answered

I have gotten bored of Windows on this machine.No drivers are necessary,and people have done it.


  • R31 model
  • TrackBall only
  • 120MB RAM
  • 10GB HDD
  • 1.20 GHz Intel Celeron
PS.The pic is a R51 ThinkPad.
PPS.Trackballs on laptops are the way to go.They should take my laptop as an example to theirs.


Don't see why not.

Ubuntu works anywhere. To varying degrees of usefulness.

Insert an install cd, and reboot. If it does not automatically boot into the live cd you may have to try again and press some 'magic button' and choose cd drive from the boot menu. In my dell it was f12. Choose the live cd option to make sure all the important parts of you machine will run, like the monitor, track ball, etc (wifi is easy to fix). If all is good than click on the install icon and follow the steps. If it does not work try looking something else up (good source: www.distrowatch.com). FYI OpenSuSE is is pretty easy if none of the *buntu's will work.

The RAM is so little I can't use any live CD's.I can get an USB mouse to plug into the laptop,so I can configuree it up.I'll probably dual boot XP first,then Ubuntu only,since I have to use an alternate CD.

Also,it was F12 for my laptop too!

Maybe Debian stable would be better, it only needs 64 mb of ram to get up and running after an install. There are a lot of cd's (like +30) but you only really need the first cd and an internet connection, assuming the hardware works. It is alot like ubuntu in it's layout, but a little harder to add the sources for things like mp3 and dvd playback.

I'm not sure why it won't work, give it a go! Do you have any live disks?

Yes,I have 7.10 live and 6.10 live.6.10 live booted on the machine,but it took hours to even move the cursor.Today I'll get some CD's for alternate install.

Ah, ubuntu requires at least 256mb (from memory) to boot from the live cd. You might wanna just go ahead and install rather then booting on the live cd.

I will first dual boot,so that I have chance to revert if anything goes wrong.Then,if it does work,I'll remove Windows completely.