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How can I join two pieces of cedar to make a work bench? Answered

I have two pieces of 2x10 S1SE2 cedar that I want to join to make the top of a work bench. I'm assuming I'll have to cut off one side of each board so I can either do a butt joint or a miter joint, but I wondering about if those joints will be strong enough to hold up without any other supports. Perhaps a biscuit joint would provide more?



3 months ago

In addition to what the others have said I would run the edges through a table saw so you have a fresh flat cut to join them. You only need to take off a small amount like 1/8 of an inch. I seam to remember there was an inctructable a while ago where they bored a hole all the way through and ran a chunk of steel pipe through it to reinforce it the boards. But that would be more than what you need.

One thing to keep in mind is that cedar is a pretty soft wood. As a work bench it will dent and scratch easily. Depending on what you are doing you might want to get a piece of thin hardwood underlayment plywood to put on the top.

Try this:

I watched that video a long time ago, but if I remember correctly it was on how to make a dowel jig.

If you're edge joining only two boards, I think I would try to drill and screws to fasten them together like pocket holes, without a pocket hole jig.

Post a picture and let us know what you decided to do! :)

typically one planes 1 edge of each board for good contact before gluing. frequently a glue joint is stronger than the wood around it, but biscuits or pegs cant hurt