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How can I keep my dog cool in a car in the summer? Answered

Opening windows in 90 degree heat isn't enough.  Is there a portable window a/c, or equivalent, available?


You start by not leaving your dog in the car at all. If your going somewhere the dog isn't allowed to go into then leave it at home. In most places it's illegal to leave a dog int eh car no matter what time of year it is.

Using a high quality low noise 12v car cooling fan for your dog! We got AboveTEk dual head fan from amazon (

https://www.amazon.com/AboveTEK%C2%AE-Dual-Head-Au... ) , it works so well to keep our dog very comfortable at back seat. The two fan head can rotate so one fan points to driver and the other points to the pet, it helps to blow the cold air all over the car so both you and your pet feel much better in hot summer. try it and hope it helps.


Help it trim the hair, dog paw pads crevices are cooling through the tongue and claws, paws not easy to dog hair too much heat, and easy to get mites, give it a drink of water, and the dogshearing, although cut hair not very good-looking www.cusabio.com igg elisa kit, but the dog will be a little cool, cut hair, dogs have to be careful because they do not apply to the temperature change caused by the cold.

What you wrote will not prevent a dog from dying in a very short time in a car. Temperatures will reach the lethal range within 10 min, on a hot day. Cracking a window does not work, nor does giving it a drink of water. Please don't give advice on something you don't know about when it could cause a death or other serious injury.

Shade the windows would help stop the greenhouse effect, but avoiding leaving dogs in cars is better still. Unless you leave the engine running any kind of effective A/C will drain your battery in a very short-order

+1 Never leave a dog in the car. In the UK you could end up in court.

If your moving then cracking a window open should be enough.

The temperature in a closed car escalated rapidly no matter what you do, there are grids you can put in the windows to keep them open slightly and even solar powered fans but they do little to mitigate the effects of the heat

DON'T leave the dog in the car in summer is the message.

...it kills in the UK and we don't often see 90 deg temps.

+1 It has been said not to leave children or pets inside cars.