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How can I keep my dogs out of the cat liter? They think it is crunchy treats.? Answered



Cat food is much higher in protein than dog food because cats are entirely predators, and have a less efficient gut. What comes out of a cat still has a fair amount of protein in it.

Dogs, being scavengers as much as hunters, are not very picky about the condition of their food. (As anyone who has ever smelled dog food knows.) Their guts are built to tolerate partially decayed food. As a result, they really can extract useful nutrition from... ahem... used catfood. And they know it.

Of course there's some disease-transmission risk there, not to mention the fact that it just plain disgusts humans (especially those of us who let dogs lick us). So it should be discouraged. But remember, it's a matter of asking them not to eat something they consider perfectly edible, which is not an easy training exercise.

The simpler solution is to arrange things so the dog can't get to the litter box in the first place. Cat doors that are too small for the dogs, or barriers that are awkwardly high for the dogs but easy for the cats, might be your best bet. I've seen one design for a cat box that required the cats negotiate two jumps and a a restricted tunnel; that would probably defeat even a cat-sized dog... but then you may have to put in a bit of work to teach the cats how to use it.

The other simple solution: Clean the litter box more often. Or get a self-cleaning box. Remove the temptation before Pooch can get to it.

you can try putting cheyenne pepper on it that got my dogs to stop eating their poop


8 years ago

They like to eat cat poo???!! OMG next door's Doberman 'Bosley' is going to damn well brush his teeth and gargle with mouthwash before he greets me...EVER AGAIN!

(OK. lousy grammar but you know what I mean!).

Rushing out to yell at Bosley! "You filthy perverted beast! "

I've heard that when a dog eats fecal matter or licks pee, it's missing some nutrient. idk if it's true, but maybe their diet needs a little variety or they need a vitamin supplement.

then again, they might just be thick and need a good spraying from time to time, just like Guardian Fox says.

Nah, dogs like cat poo because cat poo has lots of protein due to the high protein diet cats are on and because cats don't absorb all of it in their gut.  It's a very common thing for dogs to love and has lead to my dogs going to the vets on multiple occasions because of feral cats with diseases/parasites pooing in the yard...  bah.
Oh, you don't know the worst of it.  The worst is when they lick you, and you suddenly discover that they've just eaten a big pile of it.

Dogs are gross.

Trust me...I do...I always let dogs lick my face...I just never realized exactly where they'd been. Worst thing is that my neighbor's pug has a ritual almost every day of coming over to me, I kneel down, she stands, front paws on my knee, I give her a hug, she licks my face, and I send her back to her own yard...and I thought it was just a cute hello...ick ick ick ick

Damn it...they may be gross, but I still love em. I'll just have to add another step...wipe face down with Betadine.

If it helps, licking is a form of doggie communication, and I don't think it should never be allowed - it'd be like telling a child to never talk again.  I still let my dogs lick (to a point).  It's just sometimes very, very bad in a horribly shocking sort of way which is the worst way.  Blech.

No need. It's "pay for the piper". Like minimizing eye contact with dogs, cats and even wild animals if you want them to be comfortable around you...(some humans as well!)

Catch them in the act and spray them with water every time they do it. 

They'll get the picture eventually. 

Depending on how big your dog is, you can do a top-entry litter box or outfit a special opening that only the cat can get through.