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How can I keep squirrels from eating and spilling all the birdfood? Answered

Okay, so.. I have a number of hanging bird feeders... but I also have a number of squirrels.. The problem is that the squirrels climb down the branches to the birdfeeders and spill the seeds all over the ground.  I'm constantly filling these birdfeeders (to the delight of the squirrels!). 

Thoughts on how to prevent the squirrel rampage?  About the only thing I can think off is perhaps hanging the bird feeders with heavy fishng line. 



My aunt puts pepper in with the bird food. The birds can't taste it but the squirrels can. It's really funny watching the squirrels try to get the pepper off their tongues and that usually teaches them not to bother that bird feeder.

Easy do it country style, just shoot the little rascals with a pellet gun! One man's carcass is another animals dinner!

You can try and adapt this idea of using a small fencer super small fencer not the ones for cows and horses but then just run wire or conductive string up and down a board and now we have zero squirrel problems... On that feeder they figured out all of our "squirrel proof feeders"

Sorry i forgot to post a picture of it...


Need to get bird feeders designed to stop squirrels. Otherwise you need to put the feeders on poles that have a bell on them and are well away from the trees so they can't jump to them.