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How can I keep the female dog pee spots next to my patio from turning to mud this spring? Add lye, lime or baking soda? Answered

My female dog pees in several spots just off the patio,and the grass has died. Now it is turning to mud since she runs thru those spots with her large paws. In the wet spring this will turn into a mud pit on the way in and out. Is there any thing I can add to her pee spots to make it fertile for the grass instead of a killer? Must be high urea content in the pee. Will pouring some lime or baking soda help? She is a 50 pound pit who loves to run in grass or mud. This must be a common problem. I seem to be constantly blocking off & reseeding sections.


Charcoal, or ash as rich_moe said, will cut down the smell but will still turn the area muddy with a wet spring. Once you reseed the area, if you basically spray down the area just after the dog has peed, this will stop from killing the grass. Also, there's this product, Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer, that if you add it to her waterbowl, will basically detox the pee. But if the issue is mainly the mud, your better off seeing if your dog would still use the area if you replace the grass with something else, like crushed stone or wood chips. Probably wood chips.

Instead of caustics, try wood ashes from the barbeque or fireplace. Covers the smell, adds nutrients, and dissolves rather neatly into the ground. Throw some grass seed onto the area, mix with a rake and a little water, and wait for nature to take its course.