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How can I lengthen a bicycle axle? Answered

I want to install a different rear wheel on my OCC Schwinn Stingray. The giant distance between the dropouts means no standard hubs are available to fit the space. If I have a nipple and short bit of axle welded or otherwise attached to the end of the standard axle would that work? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.?



The axle is under a lot of stress I would look to remove the axle from the old wheel and put it in the new wheel. or get a more suitable wheel.

Try finding a piece of threaded rod that will fit. It's very readily available and cheap. You could also have your frame cold-set to a smaller rear diameter. This is basically bending the frame precisely. It's done by most better bicycle repair shops and should cost you less than $40. I wouldn't try welding extensions onto the axle; you would have the chase the threads afterward and lining up the additional metal while keeping enough gap to weld would be a real pain.

Can you bend the frame?