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How can I make Acrobat 7 open a window the size I want? Answered

Seems that every time I launch Acrobat 7 (no documents open yet) the size of the window is fixed (restore size). I can't find a preference in the application that will set the initial window size. When I launch Acrobat, the window opens real big (not maximized). I resize the window and quit. Then when I re-launch, the window is big again. AAAARG! I tried some reg edit solutions posted in other forums, but they don't work. I have a dual-monitor setup with the desktop extended to both monitors. My taskbar extends across. Windows 2000.


Oh dear. It seems that I've only got Acrobat 5 and that behaves... Might it be down to Windows 2000? L

Did you try "Acrobat" specific forums? Google "acrobat forum" and see if they can answer the question. I'd try but I'm home for the day and only have acrobat installed at the office.