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How can I make Germ-X that looks and smells the same? Answered



Thanks guys or gals! Your right about the killing germs part, I just like the way the alcohol smells. The stuff is cheap by the refill, I just want to see if I could make it gel up, smell and work the same at home.

The website lists the following ingredients for your brand of hand sanitizer:

I would skip everything else and just use a few drops of dishwasher soap and lemon juice mixed with ethyl alcohol.

The alcohol is what is actually reducing the levels of germs on your skin. (But do keep in mind that you are notsterilizing your hands, just sanitizing them a bit.)

It should not be a problem, but if you find that the alcohol dries out your skin too much, you can apply a little glycerin or other non-oily moisturizer afterwards.

To address your concerns about the appearance and smell...

I would worry more about how well it actually killed germs, since that is your goal, is it not?

But I have seen some aloe vera gels in the grocery store that are almost identical, except for the alcohol. Remember that you need at least 60% alcohol to do any good at all.

Or could gel the alcohol with finely-ground polyacrylate.

Well the website will tell you what's in it, but they're not going to give away their formulation. Can you buy any of the ingredients listed there?