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How can I make Sony Ericsson MPS-60 Speakers work with a standard headphone jack? Answered

I have a set of OEM Sony Ericsson MPS-60 Portable Speakers and I no longer use the phone, but im looking for some speakers to use while im out and about and these speakers were always good with my phone. I tried looking for an adapter but i dont think any such device exists.



6 years ago

can anybody help me i have a sony mds 60 and i want to change the plug into a 3.5 mm jack please can anybody help me thanks


7 years ago

The intricacy here is to retain the inbuilt 3W amplifier which is the actual beauty of this speaker (the 3W amplifier is placed inside the square box which has the pin connector, I mean the plug of this speaker that we use to connect to the phone)...
This amplifier needs a power source. And providing power supply through 3.5mm jack is not possible... so the alternative is to have 2 sets of wiring... one for the stereo input which could be the jack we want and an USB / battery (power source input).

Below is the image of the pinouts & corresponding connections.

For more details, tutorial & video... check out this link by Mr. Suhas 


8 years ago

If you check out the instructable by xAxrules which gives you basic usage from the speakers... a comment on the instructable by Joe Martin suggests how to utilise the amp using an external 5V power supply... might help