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How can I make Spawn's cloak? Can anyone help? Answered

I really want to make Spawn's cloak, but i don't have any design ideas! Can somebody help? Somebody who read Spawn comics more than me?



Best Answer 9 years ago

As a clothing designer, I would use a sturdy red felt for the main cape fabric; create the metal details using metallic sculpey which bakes in the oven and looks like metal but is very light; and form the rigid shaping of the cape and hood with fusible batting from the fabric store... looks like an amazing project! Have fun!

Sorry, what is a fusible batting? Honestly, I have a bad vocabulary . Can you show me some example of it?

Fusible batting is made from spun polyester or cotton fibers, kind of like a felt, and is used as a layer between fabrics for added thickness, warmth and sometimes rigidity. It comes in several thicknesses and is fusible because it is sandwiched between thin layers of fusible webbing, which are heat sensitive and will 'fuse' to whatever they are 'stuck' to by the heat & pressure of a dry iron.. Often used by those who wish to create fabric 'bowls', the very thin and most rigid type would be the best for your uses. There are 3 products that would work; fusible interfacing (heavy), fusible stabilizer, fusible batting.. ask about the properties of each as you may need different weights for parts of your cape. Go to your local fabric store and they can help you!! check out www.softexpressions.com/software/notions/Fast2Fuse.php

I see, thanks! Let's see if my Grandma knows about it! Well, she's expert on those things, i should ask her for help. Anyway, thanks for helping me out!