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How can I make a 3d mold for soap making? Answered

I have some small figurines that would be cute as soap.  can anyone provide advice on how I can make a 3d mold?


You can make a negative mold from your figurines using a silicone based molding material. Most of them are easy to use; just mix and pour into a larger mold that you'll place your figurine into (as well as a small straw that will allow you to pour the soap into the mold later). Then one the mold is dry, you cut the mold in half (so that you can remove the figurine), and you're left with a negative mold of the object. Then close the 2 parts, and use the straw hole to pour your soap into, and once set, open the parts and you have a figurine of soap.

Materials can be found at most craft shops (like Michaels) or online at Amazon.com

Thank you so much for your instructable. I will try to attach a photo of the model and the mold. Thanks again.

Baby Bobbi.jpg

You're welcome! It looks like it turned out well (and by the way, the figurine is really cute). I'm glad I could help.

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Also, it couldn't hurt for you to publish an instructable on how to make your own unique soaps! There's no need to credit me with helping you on the materials. But I think many members will find your whole tutorial very interesting. ;-)

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That last reason is the most enticing. Thanks for the advice. I would be happy to provide instructions and "lessons learned" about making molds for soap.

I look forward to seeing it. Send me a PM (private message) or leave a comment on my orangeboard when you've got it done. ;-)