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How can I make a Burglar alarm using ultrasonic sensor with a microcontroller Zilog Z8? Answered

We were asked to construct  a burglar alarm using ultrasonic sensor with a micro controller Zilog Z8. It's our requirement for the Final term this semester. We also have difficulties in our documentation because it is in thesis format. I know that somebody can help us from Instructables. We definitely need documents so we can have ideas to be included in our documentation. Thank you so much. God bless. ^^,


If you want documentation then start looking up the data sheets for the parts involved.

A Z8 ???????????????

What is this ? forensic electronic engineering.

I used the Z8 nearly 30 years ago, for MY final year project.


Unfortunately yes. Because my professor is terrible. We already consult other professors and they told us that Z8 is an old fashion in electronics. Do you know how to program that micro controller still?

Sadly, the Z8 family only works with either an internal mask-programmed ROM, or an external EPROM.

Exactly WHICH Z8 are you using ? One with the newer Encore! core ?
Admittedly, Encore! variants are actually quite current

Frankly, your professor should be fired for incompetence, if he still relies on non-Encore! 30 year old silicon to teach. This is a serious issue: you cannot be ready for the "real world", unless you meet real world devices.

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