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How can I make a Buster Sword that WONT cost much and WONT take more than a day to make and DOES NOT require wood? Answered

Please i have a Buster Sword but it stinks and tutorials all over the internet almost always require wood and i want to make something that doesnt cuz i dont want to do all the work plus my Dad wudnt be too crazy about me having a giant wooden sword, especialy when me and my brother fight ;) Can anyone help?

PS: ignore the comment on the second pic thats for a slideshow


go to my page and look at my tutorials i have one about making a buster sword that does not take wood and takes about 20 minutes to make

 you could try layering a couple layers of card board to build up the main shape  then tape around the corrugation.

You could use foamcore or Sintra instead of the wood. They are both much easier to work with than wood, and lighter too.

have you tried modeling from cardboard there are lots of resources of how to do it around this site and more on the internet

 if you want a good one...wood, if you want a display pice that cant be handled in any way, foam of some sort

Try foam board insulation. You can pick some up at lowes or any hard ware store I think. It is about 25 dollars a sheet and you can make your buster sword and probably 5 other types of swords.

cool id try that except i dont think my dad wud want to spend money on something to make a giant kitchen knife and i dont hav the money but ill try to do it someday