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How can I make a TV CRT Monitor Picture Tube Degaussing Coil? Answered

My TV was stored too close to large speakers, and hence, a very distorted display. Also, any easy way to magnetically shield the speakers? (12" subs, three way mids/highs... floor standing cabinets 3' tall?)


if it dosent have a degauss feature which as mentioned is unlikely after the 90's theres no quick distinct buzz when it turns on? - take a soldering gun (not iron) and wave it around the screen a few times which works nicely - put its screen up against the screen of a tv or monitor with a degausser in it and turn it of and on a few times - put a magnet on to a drill spin it and wave it around the tv a few times and for the magnet and soldering gun start in the center and go out in a circle until your off the screen and the screen isent distorted also if you degauss it in any way and you have the magnetic within range and it is affecting it when you degauss it it will give natural colors aslong as the magnet stays in the same place

It should have one. Try turning it on and off a few times. Sheet teel would shield the thing in future. L

It doesn't have a degaussing feature built-in? We've got like six CRT tv's (from the early 90's and up) in the house and all have it. What model tv? How old is it?