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How can I make a USB flash drive into a key to turn on my computer? Answered

I have an extra USB flash drive of a relatively small capacity (128 MB). I want to use it as a key to get on my computer, so that instead of entering a password at logon I just have to insert my USB drive. Anybody have any ideas? P.S. I'm running Windows XP SP3.


It isn't necessary to make the USB drive fully bootable in order to lock the system to a flash drive.

In fact, older computers may not even allow this, requiring a special boot floppy to make the USB drive bootable.

I provided links to the instructions right there in my "Jun 7, 2009. 11:10 AM post"

The boot floppy? Not obvious in relation to "isn't necessary", but thanks for pointing that out. L

Eh? You're not seeing my answer that begins, "First disable the Windows password:"? That was my actual Answer. (Apparently the problem of Answers not showing up in a timely fashion has yet to be fixed.)

I didn't see how your mention of booting from USB was related to the Question. I responded to you anyway, though, to mention the other ways to get a USB boot to work.

No I'm not seeing your other answer, that's a problem I wasn't aware of. (Oh dear). Thanks for posting that one that I can anyway.