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How can I make a USB to 56k Modem or Ethernet to 56k/fax Modem? Answered

I'm trying to reconnect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet, the trouble is that it only has a 56k phone-line modem. How can I "slow down" my internet for it, without spending $30 on a store-bought (http://www.usr.com/products/modem/modem-product.asp?sku=USR5637) or editing my computer's registry and using its internal pci modem. (http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1956). 
What would you guys recommend?
Thanks in advance. :)

As far as I know, Dreamcast communicates like a PC does on dial up - though sometimes there's not enough voltage through the line.
Could a spare dsl modem be reversed, providing a dail tone and 56k?

This is a better option for me than all the other methods mentioned because its automated and more like using actual dial-up.
(No registry edit, no manual line swap, no voltage line regulator


Can the Dreamcast use TCP/IP ?

Yep...I guess (all what you need to do is just ask SEGA)

I'm not sure because I don't really know what it is, what it does, or used for.

No DIY MagicJack or Ooma like systems that convert automatically?

.  Google "modem AT codes" and set your modem to auto-negotiate the speed speed. If that doesn't work, lock the speed at 56k.
.  If you want to use an external modem, a USB-to-RS232 adapter will probably do the job.

This helps with connecting to the internet on DC but itsn't hardware based.

According to this link http://dreamcast.onlineconsoles.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=81384&sid=63b95339f4563bdfe08ac62f80f0aa28#81384
I can use AT codes to simulate a dial tone.

'Below is an ordered list of AT commands that initialize the modem, produce a dialtone for 2.5 seconds and answers the call. To check if the "AT+VTS" command is supported, or to get the parameter value ranges supported by it, use "AT+VTS=?" '

'use Hyperterminal to send the commands to the modem. Once you set up Hyperterminal, you will see a white screen. Click on it and type "ATZE1" and then press the "enter / return" key. "OK" should appear in the window. Keep entering the commands list >below< above (in the order they're listed). If you receive "ERROR" as a reply from the modem, then that command isn't supported. '

# resets the modem

# puts the modem into voice mode

# opens the connection

# produces the tone

# closes the connection so it can answer

# answers the connection

I will look into the AT Codes, though, to see if I can make a dial tone and have it auto dail and such to automate the process of going online.

Using the RS232 serial will require moding the dreamcast modem, unless I'm misinterpreting, because the dreamcast only has a dial-up modem for it extension port.

If those other servers are on the Internet rather than dialup, their users must have solved this problem. Ask them?

The only solution I can think of in that case would be to hook your modem back-to-back with a modem in the PC through a telephone line eliminator, and write a program which knew how to communicate with the Dreamcast via a serial protocol across the modem and the server via Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Other than that... Use the phone line. Or you could _try_ using some kind of back-to-back telephone connection to feed the modem through a VOIP connection, and possibly avoid long distance phone call charges (though most VOIP systems explicitly say they may not have enough bandwidth to handle faxes or other modems).

There's no way you can connect the modem directly to your broadband service. Completely different communications protocols.

I know about the pc modem to DC modem connection. http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1956
As far as I know, dream cast communicates like pc does on dial up - though sometimes there's not enough voltage through the line.
I don't want to change my registry or pay for separate dial-up when I have dsl.
Plus for some of the games for it require a dial tone, so you have to do a line switch from phone to PC. I was hoping I could bypass that by building a USB to 56k modem like the one posted originally rather than paying $30 (if it even works for DC) or messing around with my pc.

Like you said "different protocols", I was hoping there was a way to convert from one to the other.
Maybe using a spare dsl modem and reversing it?

The USB-attached modem is just a telephone line modem. It probably works no better or worse (and not much differently) than the modem which came with your PC.

DSL already has a voice line. You can use that. Yes, you'll pay for the phone minutes unless you already have unlimited, and you'll tie up your voice line for the duration of the connection. Welcome back to the world of modems.

The only other alternatives I've seen are the ones I mentioned: VOIP might work with some hackery, or connecting it to the network with a heck of a lot of software hackery (and then only if the server is also on the network rather than dialup).

Your best bet really is to contact the folks running the severs you want to connect to and ask them how others are dialing in. I suspect the answer is going to be "use your voice line", but if there's a better solution they're the ones most likely to know about it, since it will probably involve some hackery on their end too.

Wish I had better advice, but I don't. Good luck.

#1 The dreamcast online servers haven't worked for a while now so whats the point?

#2 If you have a 56k modem you can share your broadband connection with it in windows settings google on how rlto do it not thay hard.

#3 Dreamcast is still a fantastic system even.today ^_^

1. There are servers around by users that have weekly gaming sessions still. And I could always start my own.
2. To share the boardband connection require registry editing. I don't really want to do that, I'd rather have it autoconnect with a specialized modem rather than software editing(which isn't automated).
3.Agreed, there are still people making games for it because they're such fans. They're little groups but have been doing decent jobs.