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How can I make a battery powered color organ? Answered

I want to make a color organ to use for the Venetian Boat Parade next year, but I want to do it on the dinghy, and I won't have access to a 120 volt AC source. So, I want to know if I could make a color organ powered by a 12 volt battery or something similar. I have scoured the internet, and I can't find a circuit that would work for my purposes. I want it to be able to power strings of lights, and that's pretty much it.


Jun 8, 2011. 9:53 AMTechniboy says:
I designed a very simple battery powered color organ available only as a kit or prebuilt from JD&J products. The kit price is $30 plus shipping and the finishe is $37 Plus shipping. If you are interested just post another answer that says you are.. This cheap and extremely simple color organ is waiting for you.

Here's one that works on 6 volts.  Either sub control transistors for the led's  or relays to control more lights.

I found several kits and assembled versions that work on battery that would work by googleing color organ. 

You could use 120 volt light using 12 volt batteries and an inverter.

Most anything you find will have to be adapted since they are not designed for your exact project.

Infact we are just guessing at your use since we don't have ANY of your details except that you can't get 120 volt power.

"Infact we are just guessing at your use,"  Ummmm... first sentence?