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How can I make a cardboard stand for my wii (to hold remotes, nunchucks, controllers, wheel, zapper)? Answered

Want to hold two remotes, two nunchucks, a classic controller, a gamecube controller, a wii wheel, and a wii zapper.


Cardboard is tough (I tried, among other materials). But I did come up with a way to hold Wii controllers (and others) using wire and tubing. I call it the Wall Clip. Here's the instructable.

I never actually tried fitting the Wall Clip to the zapper though (don't own one). Let me know if you figure out a way to fit it.

you can do a 'shelf' design two ways: 1. have an upright cubby style-type thing that has recesses for designated items OR 2.Do the same thing but design it so that it sits flat on the ground, on its back. better for situations with less space, and you can tuck it under stuff. Another idea is to create a slab of cardboard which has perfectly sized slots for all your accesories. Like it just came out of a box and everything's in styrofoam. The possibiliteies are endless, just draw some plans, build, etc, and good luck!

just mess around with the cardbord like cut it up and tape or glue it together.