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How can I make a cat door using the microchip embedded in the cat? Answered

I know about SureFlap but they don't work with US chips!
I can't put on a collar and my cat refuses to go through cat flaps. So I need something that lifts or swings automatically.


You'd need a reader, coupled to software, hooked-up to an interface, connected to a motor driving the cat-door. Complicated and expensive.
Kitty can learn to use flaps, or wait until you let it out/in perhaps?

SureFlap would be the sort of thing you'd want I guess, but it only locks/unlocks a flap, which kitty refuses to go through...


If I can't find another solution I will try Sureflap. Thank you for the suggestion. I saw from the website that it works with the 10 digit microchip my cat has.
And another reader made me think that if he is desperate he will go through the cat door. So I just have to resist the temptation of opening the door for him and see if he uses it!
Thank you for the suggestion.

Yes, part of this is conditioning kitty - make him do what you want and not the other way around.


One must only convince acat that there's something it wants that can be gotten only by doing what you want....

Better idea.  Make the cat a house cat and never let it out anymore.  They live longer that way.

We adopted feral kittens from the pound (read- Death Row) and as far as they are concerned being "House Cats" just makes life seem longer, they were totally miserable being locked up inside (fighting, tearing things up, biting, scratching...).

Well, I can see feral cats being unhappy since they are almost wild.

I kept him indoors since he was a kitten and he was completely neurotic, although I lived in a big house with plenty of windows. He escaped several times too. The vet wanted to put him on Prozac and he was a real problem until I moved to this house, where I can let him out because it is a safe neighborhood. He is a completely different cat now. He doesn't go very far, but he likes being in the garden and around the house. The vet thinks that it is better to let cats out even if something can happen to them. Their life may be as short as it would be if they were feral, but then that's what nature intended. At least with us they have shelter and love and medical care if they need it. I always kept mine indoors but if it is safe I will always let them out from now on.

The odd cat now and again might have trouble adjusting to indoor life.

But if we lived "as nature intended" we'd still be living in caves wearing animal skins.

"we'd still be living in caves wearing animal skins."

Nope. Animal skins not natural..... :)

'Safe neighborhood'

Cats range up to ~7 miles radius.

I use a door to let them acess the screened in deck to keep the heat or a/c inside.

That's not very cat-ty though. It like imprisoning them, but I know US fauna is nastier than ours.


Over the years I've only had one cat that complained.  So I relented and let here be an in/out cat.  Within a year she got into some poison some how and died.

What brand of chip has your cat got ?

I don't know. He was microchipped at the animal shelter when he was a kitten. Would the microchip number tell you? I know that in the US there are fewer digits, so they are different.
Sorry about the delay in replying, the system didn't send me an email until now saying that there were replies to my post...

Could the animal shelter tell you what brand of chip they use ? That WOULD tell me.


Hi, I found out that the manufacturer is Schering Corporation and the name of the chip is the Home Again microchip. It was implanted over the shoulder blades (I don't know if this is where it usually is).
Hope this helps!

Thank you for this. I am sorry I haven't replied sooner. I haven't logged on in a while (and I won't again, I don't think) and the system doesn't tell me that there is a new message. I will look at the link you suggested and will try to figure it out. Thank you!

I will find out. I am leaving now and will be back on Monday. Will be in touch next week. Thank you! :)

There IS one some one did with image recognition, so it could spot the difference between a racoon or skunk and your cat...

The problem is that we have a similar cat in the neighborhood who keeps coming into the house. I think the image recognition software wouldn't be that sophisticated to tell the difference between the two cats. Same color and size! Bummer.

We had a cat like that once. She would resolutely refuse to go through the catflap and would sit there mewing piteously . . . when there was a person there.  Any other time she would be in and out through it like a rocket.
After all, what are people for?