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How can I make a cheap degaussing coil for a tv (220v). ? Answered

How can I make a cheap degaussing coil for a tv (220v). I've tried a soldering gun and other small transformers but didnt work (big crt tv). I even build a coil with 10 meters of 10AWG (2.5mm) wire in a 12' diameter on 220v which only generated a shortcut (I build this just guessing the amount of wire and awg, so no mystery why I failed). I've read that a coil made out of #24 awg wire and over 1000 loops would do the trick (for 220v and over 500 loops if a used a 220V-110V transformer), but that is too much $ in copper wire. Maybe I could refurbish wire from a old electronic appliance, but not sure which might be it. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time


First what size coil do you want. Have a form to wind wire onto to form coil. what voltage will you be using. The resistance of the conductor determines how many amperes will flow in the coil. Lots of amps and the coil will get very hot in only a few seconds. Not good. The conductor resistance due to its size and voltage applied determines amperage. Building a 12 to 24 inch diameter coil for 120 volts AC will take 200 feet of 30 (AWG) magnet wire. This has a resistance of
0.10320 per foot multiplied by 200 ft. equals 20.64 ohms. 120 volts divided by 21 ohms equals 5.70 amperes. (220 volts divided by 21 ohms equals 10.47 amperes. These would take about 10 minutes of "on" time to get too hot. Use wire calculator at www. cirris.com

You can attatch magmets to a power proll and make it spin in front of the screen.

use a gun type soldering gun and attach a piece of copper wire and bend it to the shape of the tv tube , put it aganist the tube and pull and hold the trigger and pull it away from the tube slowly and there you go

kricketone, thanks for your comment sorry for the late response,I tried that but dind't work, probably because it is a big TV. I also managed to find a degaussing coil from a repair shop, but that didn't work either. I finally gave up and took the TV to a repair shop, cost me a couple of bucks but fixed the problem. As a suggestion to anyone trying to degauss a TV, I would still try the soldering gun method (only for CRT) even if it dind't worked for me, you just dont loose nothing. As I moved the gun around you could see that the image started to come back to it's regular colours but once I moved to far away the thing just when back to the blue and purple tones.


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Here's a thought... all CRT type TV's have a built in auto degauss system. Plenty of old large TV's are going to the waste disposal sights etc. So try salvaging the degausing coil from a srap set. As you glance inside the tv, the coil surrounds the outer edge of the tube bowl where fixing bolts exists. You may have to experiment as the degauss circuit features a PTC device which decays the current flow upon switch on (auto degauss circuit) so you may also need to limit the current. I should also include a fuse to be on the safe side_ 250Ma. The other thought is to locate a scrap AC induction type motor and carefully remove the windings complete. You can rewind onto a cardboard former, the diameter is not important 3" upwards is fine, you don't need a large diameter. To use effectively work around the TV screen in small circles while gradually moving away from the screen area. Remember to work safely. Hope this helps. Kind regards

Thanks a lot, I'll try to salvage the degaussing coil of an old tv. Will keep you informed how this goes. Again, thanks.