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How can I make a cheap projector screen and free-standing frame? Answered

Dear all, recently I commissioned and received a portable-ish movie projection unit that will let us show movies almost anywhere - in back yards, against buildings, in parking lots, and so on. It's designed for a guerrilla cinema experience for the community. See here for more information and a cheesy video I made for it.

However, there remains one big issue: The screen and its frame. This is for the occasions we won't have a white blank wall to use. Can you geniuses come up with any suggestions?

There are a number of features that are necessary in both elements:-

1. The screen

Rolls up
Doesn't easily crease, dent, rip, etc
Isn't easily damaged by a small amount of fog/rain
Can accommodate up to 12ft wide 16:9 images

2. The frame

Can be quickly and easily disassembled to be carried short distances
Is adjustable in terms of height and length (not essential, but would be nice)
The screen can easily be attached to it

Do you have any ideas as to how this would be possible? If so, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!


I would second the PVC piping idea. A frame would be easy to assemble, lightweight and pretty durable. You would just need some sot of 'bedsheet' for the screen itself. Hmm....got me thinking now....heh

Go for the gusto.
Get a white box truck or step van and project on the side of the vehicle.


i would recomend using a large white drop sheet (used when painting to avoid painting floor/furniture) and mount it on a frame of pvc pipe using 25mm (1inch) pvc as a frame around the sheet and some 50mm as the base that way you can roll up the sheet put it inside the base and carry it to were its needed

Serious home-theater people discuss it here.  Otherwise, search instructables for projection screens.  You can use any material for the frame, wood, metal pipe/poles, PVC, fiberglass tent rods.  Fabric can range from tyvek housewrap or cloth material.  By the way, replacement projector lamps/bulbs sometimes cost as much as the unit, make sure you protect it in travel as they are not the best for rugged use and outdoor uncontrolled environments. Good luck.