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How can I make a circuit that causes a laser to flash on and off once every time a button is pressed? Answered

I am planning on making a laser shooting gallery in the near future but i am not sure how to make the circuit for the gun. I need to make it so that if the trigger is pulled the laser turns on and off once and will only fire again once the trigger is released and pulled again (semi-automatic). This way it makes it more fun than just holding the laser on and moving it around to hit the target.

It doesn't matter what circuitry is required I just need to know what I need so that I don't buy the wrong things.



Best Answer 8 years ago

THe circuit you are looking for is called a "one shot".  You can press the trigger and it will fire but to fire again you have to release the button which causes it to reset.

Google "one shot" and pick from what you get.