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How can I make a compact 800 volt power supply? Answered

I'm making (drum-roll please) a disposable camera coil gun. so far, we've gotten to the point where we have a fast enough output and enough kinetic joules to kill small game. the thing is, we should really make a more reliable power supply than the daisy-chained flash circuits we have right now. any ideas on a more compact supply that I could run off Ni-mh AA's or 9v's? is there a specific way to cannibalize a flash circuit to make it more compact? I'm good with heat-sinks. one idea i came across was to make a resonant transformer but i'm not sure how practical that is. Any ideas at all are welcome. this is the last step before we add another stage. 


Put approx. 89 9 volt batteries in parrellel. In the olden days (1985 or so) you could get a free battery from Radio Shack every month. If you signed up for 89 free battery cards you could get them all free.

I once made a battery op. tube radio that needed 90 volts and got the 10 batteries free by doing just that.

I think you meant series :-)


You are absolutely correct. My mental picture was correct but I chose the wrong word. THanks!

easy peasy.

do some research on dc to dc converters, depending on what voltage capacitors you use, you can generate anything from 100v - 1million volt in a steady current flow (5-20 pulses per second), all from a AA battery, though from a AA , there wouldnt be sufficient current to make a tazering effect any different from a comercial tazer pen, in the voltages 300 and above.

though a 9v should be sufficient.

dc to dc converters can convert any voltage to any. but they are a little tricky to build.