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How can I make a completely edible model car? Answered

My son is 11 years old and has been given a school project to create a completely edible model car that will actually roll down a ramp. It needs axels and wheels, and we are stuck, particularly about how to make an edible axel. Any ideas?


make the frame out of fondant, stick oretzel sticks as axles, cookies on the end(or crackers) it won't roll quickly. This is a ridiculous project. You would have to do a lot of work and trial and error


9 years ago

that is sooo sooo ssssooooo weird b/c i just got that same assignment the other day what a coincidence!!!!!!! :)

Brainstorming below:
  • Pretzel stick (scrape off the salt crystals)
  • Spaghetti (edible if you can choke it down)
  • Sugar crystals (would require some work, and be brittle)
  • Rounded strip of carrot
  • Ice?
  • Molded peanut brittle

The peanut brittle makes me think hard candy/sugar glass. I wish I had to make edible school projects at age 11.

Like I said..."sugar crystals"...


Crystals are the enemy of hard candies :P you want a smooth...thing... :P theres love. I feel it. :D

one of my fave songs :D I thought you were gonna post my sugar/candy experiments videos :D


9 years ago

Carve it out of Chocolate.

. I'm having a hard time thinking of something besides what W'burg has suggested for axles. . Pretzel sticks may be too brittle. Something relatively soft for tires (string licorice?) might absorb enough shock to protect the pretzels. If the ramp isn't very long, it may not be a big deal. . Spaghetti probably flexes enough to work well. Do they make spaghetti large enough? . A carrot stick sounds like something worth trying. If a fresh one doesn't work, try using a dried one. . I'm guessing that sugar will be too brittle and ice just doesn't sound very practical. . . For general construction, I'll add: . Cookies . Decorative icing for glue

. Oops! Those were CameronSS's suggestions. I don't know where I got W'burg from (vaguely similar avatars?). Sorry.

If you can get peppermint sticks, they'd make dandy axles, though I have no idea how you'd attatch them. Life Savers would make good wheels, as long as your axles will fit into the holes. So would wagon wheel pasta, if you can get away with uncooked pasta. If you feel particularly adventurous, you could try baking bread/dense cake into the parts...

Why not use macaroni ? - It's a good wide cylindrical shape. But it would need to be cooked to eat it afterwards - So how about "Sweet cigarettes" - If they are available these days.

If you're feeling enthusiastic, you could make a FULL SIZE edible car. (I'd imagine it feels a bit spongy around corners though ;¬)