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How can I make a computer run arcade machine for commercial use? Answered

HI I have been interested in making arcade machines to eventually make an arcade. I was reading about mame and I am confused. Can you use mame programs commercially? IF so, how. If not, What is another way to use a PC to run an arcade machine. I want pac man, and centipede for now. Can ANYONE HELP?



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"redistributions may not be sold, nor may they be used in a commercial product or activity". The main goal of this is to prevent arcade operators from installing MAME cabinets and profiting from the works of the original manufacturers of the game. Source here.  MAME cabinets are considered for home use.

As for how else to do it legally- the cheapest way is to buy the actual machines you want.  For a commercial setting like an arcade, emulators and ROMs are not going to fly with copyright holders.  I know Atari seems eons ago, but a company called Infogrames which bought them out (and later changed it's own name to Atari) has also cracked down on people a few times to protect their intellectual property.  After all, you can still buy things like flashback, plug and play, etc. that have games which normally include pac man and centipede. 


7 years ago

It all takes programing. I made ( programmed ) a simple graph game in basic ( called it Home ) for fun,
and a assembly data base crossword puzzle game for a client,
( don't remember what name he called it ).
Pac man, and Centipede for now use a lot of graphics. You can name your own games whatever no one is already using or registered. Recently a judge said Monopoly the board game was no longer owned by Parker and our federal congress lets medical companies patent some of your parent given genes
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10 questions... and not a single best answer. Unfortunetely, he has a habit of asking questions in which i'm rather interested in.

I doubt, if your asking the basic questions you are, you have the necessary skills at present to complete this task to a commercial level. Look for a second hand machine and refurbish.

I guess your asking for problems looking at commercial designs - How would YOU feel if someone ripped off your ideas?

If you can''t programme these games on your PC your not going to be able to do so on a MAME machine. having built a full size MAME I can assure you it is going to cost $2000+ in materials and take a week or so of your time.