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How can I make a fake bullet? Answered

It should not be functional or harmful in any way.


Get a battery and take of the outer plastic film, get an old bal-point penand take the cap of, then glue it to the top of the battery. Hey presto you have a bullet!


5 years ago

what i do is take a sharpie cap cut it just below the tip maybe half an inch or so then i take a mini flag tip and put it through the top and glue it in. then i take a wooden dowel that fits into the bottom of the cap and but a small nail through it for the primer shove the dowel into the cap make a groove at the bottom of the cap paint it gold and you have a bullet! works very well and costs almost nothing if you dont have the parts!

Real dissarmed bullets arent that expensive but the battery thing may work too with some gold spray paint

I meant a prop bullet like the actual thing you can hold...

Like aelias said, your best bet is to add it in post.
If you absolutely do not want to add it in post you can use the traditional solution. A blank round in the rifle (for sound and light but without a projectile) and a squib on the target (a little popping blood bag). Keep in mind however that blanks are still very dangerous (as in potentially deadly) and you should verify that local regulations allow their use and have properly trained people use and/or supervise.


Normally you need a pyrotechnics license in order to use squibs legally. Do it in post. Much cheaper, safer, and more legal.

I'm sure it would me much easier to do this in post-production. Get yourself a 30 day trial of After Effects, (google it,) and search on youtube how to add a gun flare with After Effects.