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How can I make a fake third arm? so I can use my real one for a puppet? Answered

I want to make a fake right arm so it looks like i'm holding a box. I have a gimmick right hand. I just need advice on how to make the rest of the fake arm look realistic. It also has to hold the weight of the box as I need my real right arm for a puppet and my real left for juggling balls with.


I would make the whole arm out of styrofoam. Its easy enough to work with. Not too heavy, but strong. With the right glue you can attach enough pieces to give you the shape you need. Then attach it to your "gimmick right hand".

Then attach your "new arm" to a snug-fitting t-shirt sleeve that you'll wear underneath. Run the fake arm through a long sleeve shirt that you'll wear over the t-shirt. Using thread the same color as the sleeve you should be able to attach the wrist to the waist area of the shirt. Then tuck the box under the fake arm, or attach it however you need it, with the hand positioned underneath like its holding the box.

You can always add additional supports for the arm if the box is heavy. (You didn't mention if anything was going to be in the box).

Good call with the styrofoam. Ive been struggling all day trying to make the arm look realistic. The box is only holding 2 juggling balls so doesn't need too much support. Thanks
Could I run a coat hanger through the styro do you think?

You could put almost anything inside the styrofoam to give it extra support. Just carefully cut the "arm" in half, add the wire and then glue the two pieces back together. The key is using the right glue (one that works with styrofoam). I use a product called "WeldBond" - the stuff works great on styrofoam (and a ton of other materials). You could always try and force the wire through, but you risk the wire remaining loose inside the foam versus being part of the structure.

Why not make the box able to be hooked to your belt to hold it in place. This frees up both hands and and could be much simpler. The idea of fishing line around the neck could help support it as back up, but might get in the way if your trying to juggle. just a thought.

well it would be easy if you are wearing a sweater....just make the shape of the arm so your gimmick fits...then cover it with an old sleeve from a sweater (best if same color,or buy two same sweaters then get gloves for the fingers and you should be done!

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have done this. But as the fake arm has to hold a small box in place, its just not strong enough and the arm starts to sag and look fake

I would use wood...wood is easy to cut!...oh and if you are going to be standing in the same place then use invisible thread to hold up your arm as well!